The Blend and Balancing Act

A presentation defining the difference between blend and balance and techniques to maximize the ensemble response to both elements.

The "Art" in Articulation

A clinic presentation designed to define an ensemble approach to articulation related to the subtleties of the attack, body, and release of individual tones.

The Wind Band Sound: Ensemble Intonation

A presentation using a definitive listening system that immediately improves an ensemble’s linear and harmonic intonation.

The Wind Band Sound: Ensemble Clarity​

A presentation defining the elements of ensemble clarity, articulation, rhythm, and balance. Defines note shaping, rhythmic markers, and texture line.

The Wind Band Sound: Ensemble Expression

A presentation using rhythm as a guide to musical phrase, intensity, and energy. The system uses rhythmic keys to identify motivic sub-phrase energies leading to overall phrase shape.

Conducting the Energy of Music

A presentation which includes a variety of conducting techniques and gestures used to represent and convey the shape and intensity of the musical phrase.

Pulse, Rhythm and Feel

A presentation of rhythm using alternative note grouping to create direction and motion instead of the typical vertical subdivision approach to time. Also presents the innovative technique of “Rhythmic Markers” for pulse maintenance.

Are your Dynamics really Dynamic?

A presentation on the reality of dynamic contrast and methods by which to maximize the perceived effectiveness of dynamic manipulation.

Accessible Literature for the Chamber Ensemble

A performance clinic to expose conductors to the wealth of wind chamber ensemble music that is available. Included is a listing of performance literature with instrumentation, difficulty, length, performance notes, and publisher.

Flexible Instrumentation: How to make your small band sound full!

A presentation on re-orchestration. A method to enable ensembles with limited instrumentation an opportunity to successfully perform music from the standard wind literature.

Sound Advice: Simple steps to a better band sound

A demonstration clinic on the common individual physical and ensemble problems that hinder the overall sound of an ensemble.